October 20, 2016

2015 Educational Conference

Unfortunately, due to low advance registration numbers, this conference had to be cancelled. We'll start planning the next one and hope to receive more advance registrations.

We'll post the next conference info here once it's available.

2015 IAAMB/ACWT Educational Conference
in Indianapolis, IN
Friday-Saturday, August 14-15


Join your fellow members for networking, learning, and growing.


So what happens at an IAAMB/ACWT conference?

If you've never attended a conference for canine massage and bodywork, you're in for a thrilling experience. This is what you may expect.

First of all, you'll arrive at your hotel and get settled. You may meet other conference attendees in your hotel lobby. We suggest that you wear some sort of identifying clothing such as your favorite animal-motif t-shirt or company logo, so that other attendees can recognize you. If you come to Toledo the day before, you'll probably want to take a reconnaissance drive to see where the conference will be. This conference will be at the IAAMB/ACWT/PetMassage headquarters, a 5000 square foot facility just off a main street, in a residential neighborhood. You'll have dinner at one of the IAAMB/ACWT recommended restaurants, and retire early to prepare for the next morning.

IAAMB/ACWT conferenceDay one, the morning of the conference, after you've had breakfast at your hotel (or on the way) you'll arrive at the IAAMB/ACWT building between 8 and 8:15 AM. The first presentation will begin promptly at 8:30, with an introduction and welcome message from IAAMB/ACWT president, Jonathan Rudinger. Then, with your coffee and conference program balanced on your knees, you will "experience" the morning of presentations. Experience is a wide-open term. Your "experience" will be multi-sensory! You will not only be watching and listening to what is being presented; you'll be absorbing and responding to all the powerful frequencies of the people around you. Between presentations and during the lunch break, you'll enjoy mingling with the beautiful assemblage of fellow animal loving, caring, and nurturing people. Let's call them "like-minded" and "like-intentioned."

My first bodywork conference I learned that I was not alone. There were others who could understand and share the deepest thoughts and feelings that were oh-so private. I was introduced to feelings of belonging and acceptance that I never knew existed. It was like meeting my real family for the first time. I had finally found my real "tribe." –Jonathan Rudinger, IAAMB/ACWT President

IAAMB/ACWT conferenceThe presentations at the conference will each be a little less than an hour, with short breaks between. You'll learn about new concepts, techniques, systems and diverse ways of addressing animal massage and bodywork. The conference will not be confined to sitting in chairs, facing a lectern. The presentations will be a mix of lectures and hands-on demonstrations. You'll see demonstrations of canine trigger point massage, equine massage, and canine water massage. There will be cranial sacral work, Reiki, animal communication, and pendulums.

Healing energy will be swirling around the room.

This is your perfect opportunity to connect with, and begin relationships with, some of the most renowned experts in animal massage and bodywork! These experts will be available to meet you and share their professional opinions on your questions. You'll also connect with other member attendees each of whom has an amazing story and wisdom to share. And, for our benefit, you will get to share your gifts, as well.

That evening you'll connect with more members and solidify your friendship over dinner.

IAAMB/ACWT conferenceDay two. This educational conference will be two days. The second day will be just as fun filled, high energy, and info packed as the first. It will have a slight tinge of impending sadness, too. At the end of the day, you will be separating from your tribe. But, you'll know that your new tribe's-people will not only be there again at next year's conference, they'll continue to support you, as friends and colleagues. Some IAAMB members who met each other at previous conferences developed strong friendships and have remained in contact for years. Some, since our inaugural conference back in 2002!

When you do leave for home, you'll take with you a renewed sense of the potentials of animal massage and bodywork, perhaps an idea for a new direction you would like to take your practice; you'll have an appreciation of the role you can play in the greater animal massage and bodywork industry, you'll have a handful of wonderful email and Facebook connections, and you'll have some great memories of a very rewarding weekend.