October 23, 2016

Preferred Educational Providers

The following schools are Preferred Educational Providers and provide training in forms of Animal Massage/Acupressure/Bodywork/Energy work (to become a Preferred Educational Provider, click here):

  • Abundant Life Massage, Inc.
    At Abundant Life Massage & Education, we believe that hands' on techniques require hands' on education to ensure safety for the pets being massaging and confidence in the students who are mastering these techniques. We are proud to be one of the training programs in the nation that offers a hands-on, 100-hour, NCBTMB/IAAMB approved Canine Massage Therapy Certification program designed by a licensed educator/licensed massage therapist. Coming, 2013... Canine Massage Therapy Certification Level 2! This 100 hour program will prepare students to take the NCEAAM - National Certification Exam for Animal Acupressure and Massage.
    Florida Board of Massage Therapy CE Broker Instructor #85-1823278
    MA#35953, WI#2466-146, MM#23426, NCBTMB Approved Provider #451463-10
    665 S. Orange Ave., Suite #8
    Sarasota, FL 34236
    Phone: 941-554-6789
    Website: www.AbundantLifeMassage.com
  • Angel's Animals - Holistic On-Line Courses
    Offering on-line courses in Equine and Canine Kinesiology Taping and Animal Neuro-myofascial Release Technique. These courses were developed by Dr. Angelique Barbara. Dr. Barbara has been passionate about animals her entire life and has spent the majority of her life studying animals (both in the classroom and in the field). Dr. Barbara started developing courses to spread her knowledge with others in 2010. Since that time, her seminars have grown, both in number and popularity. She strives to provide each participant with the most up to date knowledge, clear and accurate information, easy to read literature with quality, colored photos and individualized attention. Certifications available in all courses with additional exams, fees and case studies. On-line courses are available in all countries.
    Angelique Barbara, M.S., D.C.
    Email: dr.angeliquebarbara@gmail.com
    Website: www.HolisticAnimalStudies.org
  • Brandenburg Massage Therapy
    Brandenburg Massage Therapy offers a 4 day intensive hands on training and certification program in both Canine massage therapy and equine massage therapy. This program features small class sizes (no more than 3 students per session) and the maximum individual instruction. The course includes instruction in basic anatomy, physiology and muscle function, ethics and business development. Beginning in June 2012, a distant learning program for canine massage therapy (certification) is also being offered.
    610 Hickory St.
    Martins Ferry, OH 43935
    Phone: 740-633-6639 or 740-359-4009
    Email: becky@horseanddogtherapy.com
    Website: www.horseanddogtherapy.com
  • Chien-Zen
    Established in 2008, Chien-Zen is the first Canine Massage School in France. Our goal is to promote and make know canine massage for the well-being of animals. We are specialize in a variety of clinical massage modalities: Foundation workshop - Energetic Workshop – Trigger Point Therapy – Therapeutic & Holistic old dog massage – Shiatsu initiation – Canine Athlete – Learn to develop the Touch – Pauline Arnt, instructor and founder is pioneer in Canine Massage in France since 2007. She works with the blind dog school in Paris (France) and veterinarians. She has published two instructional books available in French on Amazon "J'apprends à masser mon chien" and "J'apprends à masser mon vieux chien". She is also President of the Association "Les Masseurs Canins".

    Crée en 2008, Chien-Zen est le 1er organisme de formation professionnel au massage canin en France. Notre but est de promouvoir et faire connaitre le massage canin pour le bien-être des animaux. Nous proposons différents modules de formations aux personnes désireuses de devenir des professionnelles du bien-être canin : Les techniques fondamentales – Le travail en énergétique – Les Points Gâchettes – Techniques spécifiques pour les vieux chiens – Initiation au Shiatsu – Techniques spécifiques pour chiens sportifs – Apprendre à développer son Toucher. Pauline Arnt, la directrice pédagogique, est pionničre du massage canin en France (2007). Elle intervient à l'ECGA et travaille en accord avec les vétérinaires. Elle a publié deux guides pratiques sur le Massage Canin, disponibles sur Amazon « J'apprends à masser mon chien » et « J'apprends à masser mon vieux chien » Elle est également la présidente de l'association « Les Masseurs Canins »

    Paris & Juan les Pins France
    Phone: 00 33 1 6 32 24 03 27
    Tel :
    Email: Pauline.arnt@gmail.com
    Website: www.massagecanin.fr
  • Ebcsont Masszazs Odu
    The primary objective of establishing the 'Ebcsont Masszazs Odu' (EMO) was the rehabilitative massage for dogs, introducing the "Therapeutic Dog Massage" This technique was compiled by Henry Schmidt, a human therapeutic massage therapist and reflexologist. He initially worked as a human masseur, then based upon the experiences with dogs he developed an integrated technique in order to treat small animals.
    The Therapeutic Dog Massage Technique (TDMT) primarily is an alloy of therapeutic massage, Thai massage, osteopathy and reflexology. Treating small animals – especially dogs – with preventive and rehabilitative massage in Hungary in this alloyed way only performed by the 'EMO'. Since 2012 our organization tried to spread this knowledge more widely amongst owners in order to help more dogs in their recovery.
    Our course become more popular year by year, and number of our students continues to grow. During the course one could gain high level of anatomical knowledge, veterinary – Latin – nomenclature, clinical symptoms, massage theory and of course a lot of massage practice.
    The acquired qualifications also fits into the regulation of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber.
    We are proud that we are the first and at the moment the only members of this international association not just in Hungary, but also in Central Europe.

    Az 'Ebcsont Masszázs Odú' alakulásának elsodleges célja a kutyák rehabilitációs célú masszázsa, a 'Terápiás kutyamasszázs'.
    Ezt a technikát Schmidt Henry human gyógymasszor, reflexológus állította össze. Kezdetben human területen tevékenykedett, késobb a kisállatokon végzett masszázsok tapasztalatai alapján dolgozta ki az egységes technikát. Elsosorban gyógymasszázs, thai masszázs, csontkovácsolás, reflexológia elemek ötvözetébol állt össze az 'Ebcsont Masszázs Odú Terápiás kutyamasszázs' technikája.
    A kisállatokon, elsosorban kutyákon végzett rehabilitációs és megelozo jellegu masszázst ezzel az ötvözött masszázstechnikai szemlélettel Magyarországon egyedüliként az 'EMO' végzi és oktatja. 2012 óta igyekszünk ezt a tudás minél szélesebb körben megismertetni és a technika révén minél több rászoruló kutyán segíteni.
    Tanfolyamunk évrol évre egyre népszerubb, hallgatóink száma folyamatosan no. A tanfolyamon a résztvevok magas szintu anatómiai ismeretek birtokába jutnak, tanulnak latint, állatorvosi klinikumot, masszázselméletet és persze sok-sok masszázs gyakorlatot.
    A megszerzett képesítést a Magyar Állatorvosi Kamara is igazolt végzettségnek tekinti.
    Büszkék vagyunk rá, hogy nemcsak Magyarországon, de Közép-Európában is elsoként és egyedüliként lehetünk tagjai ennek a nemzetközi egyesületnek.

    Hungary, Budapest
    Phone/Telefon: +36 30 9719328
    e-mail: info@ebcsontodu.hu
    Website/weboldal: www.ebcsontodu.hu
  • Escent-Oil Balance
    Offering a 97 hour Certified Animal Raindrop Practitioner program and a 210 hour Instructor program in Animal Raindrop Technique. These trainings are hands-on with class size limited to allow for adequate supervision. Established in 2010, Escent-Oil Balance is the only school to provide professional training and certification in the application of therapeutic grade essential oils through the Animal Raindrop Technique. This certification process is also recognized by CARE Int'l and The Natural Therapies Certification Board.
    Mailing Address: 37905 Wiggins Rd, Hempstead, TX 77445
    Phone: 979-826-8636
    Fax: 979-826-8424
    Email: Escent-OilBalance@earthlink.net
    Website: www.circlestarfarms.com
  • Institut Thérapeutique Canin
    5155 Montée Saint-Hubert
    Longueuil Québec J3Y 1V8
    Website: http://www.instituttherapeutiquecanin.ca/
    Email: itcanin@videotron.ca
    Animal Massage and Water Therapy Classes
    Contact: Jacques Millette

  • The International Center for Anthrohippology
    Sara Berry (Lead Instructor)
    PO BOX 4004
    Bergheim, TX 78006
    Website: www.equissagetexas.com
    Email: sara@equissagetexas.com
    Email: info@equissagetexas.com
    Phone: 210-710-3019
  • KynoCompleet
    KynoCompleet is a young and enthusiastic school for canine massage. We offer courses on different levels, from workshops for loving pet owners till specialized courses to become a certified canine massage therapist.

    Workshops: canine sports massage, massage for stressed dogs, massage for rescue dogs, massage for senior dogs, massage for puppies and adolescents, balance and coordination, children's program, canine behaviour, training for instructors, etc.

    Certified courses: triggerpoint therapy, canine taping, movement and physiotherapy, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, first aid, massage for pups and adolescents, massage and pregnancy, massage for hip and elbow problems, aroma therapy, acupressure, energy work, and many more

    Certified Massage Therapist: all-round massage, sports massage, shiatsu

    We also offer online/home schooling.

    Our teachers are certified professionals, who have a lot of experience in fieldwork and teaching experience. You and your dog are in capable hands.

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality, more insight and knowledge to both loving pet owners and canine professionals: men & dogs in balance...

    Elise Jansen - LMT
    Joyce van Oudheusden - LMT

    Provincialeweg 85
    4909 AG Oosteind
    The Netherlands

    Website: www.kynocompleet.nl (in Dutch)
    Email: info@kynocompleet.nl
    Tel: 0031-619114081

  • La Paw Spas Academy of Canine Aquatic Studies
    Offering a 50 hour and 100 hour certification program in canine water therapy. These training opportunities are completely hands on. Fully committed to sharing all that she has learned, Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa offers enthusiastic support, insight and a wealth of personal experience to anyone wishing to learn more about the wonderful world of canine hydrotherapy.
    Mailing Address: 325 E Washington Street #237 – Sequim, WA 98382
    Campus: 261043 Highway 101 – Sequim, WA 98382
    Phone: 425-222-9663 / 360-582-9663
    Fax: 360-681-8440
    Email: cindy@lapawspa.com
    Website: www.lapawspa.com
  • Northwest School of Animal Massage
    Established in 2001, the Northwest School of Animal Massage is the only school to provide professional training in maintenance, performance and rehabilitation massage for both small and large animals. NWSAM is also the exclusive provider of Manual Ligament Therapy™ training for both the equine and canine. Our blended learning programs combine online training with hands-on resident practicums in 15 locations across North America and overseas. Financing and military spouse funding are available. For more information please contact us today. At the Northwest School of Animal Massage the Future is in Your Hands.
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 670, Fall City, WA 98024
    Phone: 1-877-836-3703 | Local: 206-463-1425
    Fax: 206-463-1459
    Email: info@nwsam.com
    Website: www.nwsam.com
  • Ojai School of Canine Massage
    The Ojai School of Canine Massage is a NBCAAM and IAAMB approved school offering both a 200 hour Canine Massage onsite certification program (100 onsite hours and 100 online hours) and a 200 hour Canine Massage Distance Education certification program.

    Our goal is to provide professional training, of the highest quality, in Canine Massage Therapy. Our comprehensive courses are designed to provide each student with the most current information available in the field of Canine Massage. We prepare our students to enter the workforce as professional certified Canine Massage Therapists.

    Our programs offer training for pet lovers, groomers, dog walkers, Vet Techs, private practice, and those interested in working with animals. Classes are limited in size allowing for a more personalized educational experience. Our classes provide, first and foremost, an environment of safety and well being (emotional and physical) for both our animal clients as well as their guardians. From here, we offer a comprehensive education in Canine Massage including Anatomy/Physiology, Meditation, Swedish massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, TTouch, Sports massage, Energy work, and more.

    Classes are taught by Nick J. Scott, Co-founder and Instructor of the Ojai School of Canine Massage for more than 16 years. He created and is featured in his Instructional DVD, Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage.

    ~ We welcome you to visit our website and/or call us for more information on our class schedule. We look forward to speaking with you. ~

    Nick J. Scott, LMT, Instructor
    P.O. Box 1263,
    Ojai, CA 93024
    Phone: 805-640-9798
    Email: osomhealth@gmail.com
    Websites: www.ojaischoolofmassage.com
  • PetMassage Training and Research Institute
    PetMassage™ is a modality of canine massage. Its techniques and protocols are derived from a diverse collection of massage forms and EnergyWork practices, all contextualized in the most evolved versions of animal behavior. PetMassage™ training focuses solely on the skills and factual information that you will need to develop a confident and successful practice. The PetMassage Institute is dedicated to excellence of instruction in the canine massage industry.PetMassage™ began offering workshops in 1997. Since then it has held over 300 week long, professional level canine massage workshops and provided distance learning training for thousands more pet care professionals, pet parents, and children. PetMassage™ is accredited by the NCBTMB (since 2000), the IAAMB/ACWT as a PrEP (since 2010) for canine bodyworkers, and RAIVE (since 2012) for RVTs.

    PetMassage™ offers four levels of professional level workshop training: Foundation level PetMassage™, Advanced level PetMassage™, PetMassage™ WaterWorkTM, and PetMassage™ Instructor Training and Licensing to operate satellite schools. Hands-on workshops are conducted with instructor and founder, Jonathan Rudinger, at The PetMassage™ School in Toledo, Ohio. Learning what to feel and how to respond to what you experience, can only be learned hands-on with a mentor to show you. PetMassage™ workshops include hands-on instruction, and each workshop includes a set of home study modules. The combined Foundation (F) and Advanced (A) home study courses include basic canine anatomy (F), canine pathology and medical terminology (A), Energy work with dogs (A), confident dog handling in canine massage(F), body and gait mechanics (F), creating and marketing a canine massage business (F), and independent research (F).

    PetMassage™ home study courses cover the cognitive content that can be taught without instructor oversight. The original PetMassage™ media includes books (paperback and Kindle), DVDs Audio CDs and Audio file download . PetMassage™ instruction is directed to the canine massage professional, pet owners, veterinary technicians, and other canine care professionals. There are also children's curricula that are used in scouts, after school and camp programs.

    As one of the pioneers and leaders of the canine massage industry, Jonathan Rudinger is often interviewed for his perspective. Recently, he was a featured guest of Dr. Karen Becker on Dr. Mercola's – Healthy Pets Newsletter. The link to the Skype interview video Remove Disease from
    Your Pet's Body Using Only Your Hands is on: www.petmassage.com.

    For a hard copy of the Pet alogue, please email, call or request online.
    Location: 2950 Douglas Rd.
    Toledo, OH 43606
    Contact: Jonathan Rudinger
    Phone: 1-800-779-1001
    Local: 419-475-3539
    Email: info@petmassage.com
    Website: www.PetMassage.com
  • Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage
    Mailing Address: PO Box 1470 Elizabeth, CO 80107
    Campuses: Elizabeth, Longmont, and Cape Coral, FL
    Phone: 303-660-9390 / 1-866-903-6462
    Fax: 303-379-4494
    Email: information@rmsaam.com
    Website: www.rmsaam.com
    Our mission is to promote and enhance the well-being of animals around the world through responsible and comprehensive educational programming, classes and certificate programs.
    Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure Massage (RMSAAM) one of the first schools to become approved and regulated for offering technical continuing education credits Veterinary Professionals Registry of Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Medical Education (RAIVE) Provider # 2013-4: RMSAAM offers on-site certificate programs in Canine and Equine Acupressure and Massage, as well as, elective courses: Reiki, Animal Communication, PetTech CPR, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Animals. Correspondence certificate programs are also available in Canine Massage and Acupressure. Financing options available!
    All RMSAAM faculty members are educated professionals with extensive training, fieldwork and teaching experience. All of our instructors are required to obtain professional teaching credentialing by the state of Colorado. Each teacher brings their own experiences and approach to the classroom, while abiding by RMSAAM's strict set of teaching standards and curriculum, to create a dynamic environment, consistent program, and the highest of standards for our profession.
    RMSAAM has two locations at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and one in Florida. All campuses are inspirational settings for learning the art of massage and acupressure for animals. RMSAAM is approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #719; Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Approved Provider #50-11390; Registry of Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Medical Education (RAIVE) Provider # 2013-4: Offering Technical Continuing Education Credits for Veterinary Professionals.
    We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of practice in the industry. For this reason, students seek out our program from around the country and around the world. For the animal lover or professional, RMSAAM is your school for success.
  • T's Water Therapy Consulting
    T's Water Therapy Consulting course offers a 60 hour, 8 day training course in canine water therapy/exercise certification. Which includes methods for in and out of the water. Course instruction with Veterinarian, Reiki and Watsu experience. This course will guide each participant with hands on training as well as verbal for a variety of situations for handling canines in the water as well as skills participants will need for each individual canine. Instructor has owned and operated her own Water Therapy Facility with success. Class is limited in size to provide for individual direction and supervision to enhance each class participant. T's Water Consulting also offers consulting for new businesses or existing business in Water Therapy Facilities including logistics and operations as well as training of personnel.
    Course is offered in San Diego California so that participants are able to enjoy what California has to offer. Certification on completion of course.

    10925 Hartley Road Suite E, Santee, CA 92071
    Phone: 619-822-3223
    Email: tinassysk9@gmail.com
    Website: www.tsk9watertherapyconsulting.com