October 26, 2016

IAAMB/ACWT Mission & Goals


We are a professional community of people who share the goal of providing holistic, loving support for animals through massage and bodywork.

We gentle animal bodyworkers, with confidence and compassion, assist others to develop their talents by teaching and providing our specific, uniquely personal techniques.


  • Develop a nationally accepted job description
  • Create a national uniform scope of practice
  • Support national competency assurance testing and accreditation
  • Publish a peer reviewed journal to advance the growth and development of animal massage with documentation, research papers and discussion
  • Grow as an organization to be the responsible preeminent voice for our professional community

Join your colleagues in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the wide spectrum of complementary health and wellness care for animals.

Join Us Today!

 There are four levels for membership:

  • Preferred Educational Provider
  • Individual Professional IAAMB member
  • Individual Professional IAAMB + ACWT member
  • Student member

Membership is open to everyone who is a student of massage and bodywork on animals and practitioners who have 100 hours of animal massage and bodywork training. We invite you to become involved in the growth and development of our industry. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Learn more.