October 27, 2016

Members Enjoy Benefits

The Association was founded as a forum for animal massage and bodywork professionals to network and support each other.

Here are some of the benefits members enjoy:

  • Worldwide promotion of animal massage and bodywork
  • Advancing professionalism of animal massage and bodywork
  • Resource for Preferred Educational Provider (PrEP) schools, to promote their workshops and seminars
  • Continuing education lists and calendar
  • Documentation and publishing of legal requirements and limitations by state and country as available
  • Support of local lobbying efforts to maintain safe and legal practices
  • IAAMB/ACWT website with membership directory (and separate directory for ACWT members)
  • Regional referral service
  • Subscription to quarterly newsletter
  • Reduced fees for IAAMB/ACWT annual educational conferences
  • Venue for self-promotion through advertising, presentations and conference participation
  • Provides a platform for professional networking, mentoring, and development
  • Discounts on member products and services
  • Free reciprocal links to websites
  • Opportunities to publish case studies and articles
  • Intellectual resource support for research
  • Members only Chat Room
  • Facebook page
  • Liability insurance for small and large animal massage and bodywork (for additional fee)

Join Us Today!

 There are four levels for membership:

  • Preferred Educational Provider
  • Individual Professional IAAMB member
  • Individual Professional IAAMB + ACWT member
  • Student member

Membership is open to everyone who is a student of massage and bodywork on animals and practitioners who have 100 hours of animal massage and bodywork training. We invite you to become involved in the growth and development of our industry. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Learn more.