October 24, 2016

ACWT stands for Association of Canine Water Therapy

About The ACWT

Association of Canine Water Therapy

This is a very exciting time to be involved in this industry. Pools and Treadmills are springing up everywhere and the veterinarian profession is beginning to recognize the benefits of water therapy for their clients.

Clients can enjoy this modality in various forms from backyard pools to treadmills in office parks - all valid and offering a different environment and aspect of the work – This industry is booming…..

….booming without guidelines, standards or appropriate educational opportunities to further our skills and knowledge…

The time is right for this professional organization dedicated to the safe practices of canine water therapy.

This is a relatively new industry. Most of the people who are drawn to this field of work are quite unique. Many have ventured outside the lines of normal and moved away from high tech jobs, secure paychecks and what appears to be common sense and have followed their hearts, souls and their dogs into this work.

The IAAMB / Association of Canine Water Therapy is a unique opportunity to network with this growing community of like-minded individuals.

Most of us have had to move mountains in our lives to get to where we are today and TOGETHER we can move mountains in this industry – setting standards of care, inspiring exceptional educational opportunities and becoming the best that we can be.

Our forums, both public and private, will be a place to interact, gain insights, share stories, ask questions and find answers.